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After moving back from San Francisco, I expanded our family-style Restaurant into a Bar & Lounge October of 2016. My mother, Orrapin, and I, look forward to hosting you as I introduce my take on Thai Street food tastings, specialty cocktails, and neighborhood nightlife in where we call,"Little O" (a play off "Orrapin" of course!) 

We hope you enjoy, and thank you for your patronage. 

- Jan, daughter


TUE - THU 4:00pm-10:00pm

FRI - SUN 4:00pm-close


Tuesday - Friday 4:00pm - 6:00pm



HIBISCUS OLDFASHIONED $12: bourbon, Angostura bitters, Hibiscus liqueur

BANGKOK SUNSET $9: Malibu rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a Grenadine topper

WHITE LINEN $12: gin, St. Germain, cucumber, lime, and a splash of lemon soda

FLOATING LOTUS $14: vodka, gin, Lillet, Luxardo, and St. Germain, topped with bubbles

SPICY MAGGIE $11: Thai chili pepper, basil, orange, lime, lemon, tequila 

CAIPIRINHA $9: Cachacha, brown sugar, and lime

MAI TAI $9: light and dark rum, almond syrup, orange liqueur, lime

PAPER PLANE $10: bourbon, Benedictine, Aperol, and lemon 

THAI-ME-UP $10: vodka, fresh ginger, Thai basil leaves, and lime



THAI-STYLE SHRIMP COCKTAIL (5 pieces) $9.95: served with a traditional spicy lime sauce

POTSTICKERS (8 pieces) $9.95: deep fried dumplings stuffed with chicken and cabbage

KAI HAW $7.95: Thai-style egg crepe stuffed with minced chicken, onions, mushrooms, and served with sriracha sauce 

MAMA'S THAI CHICKEN SPRING ROLLS (4 pieces) $7.95: house-made stuffing tucked in crispy rolls, wrapped in basil, mint, green lettuce, and served with sweet and sour sauce | 

CROUCHING TIGER $8.95: grilled sirloin beef served with a spicy lime sauce

TOFU TOD (7 pieces) $6.95: chunky cubes of fried tofu served with a sweet chili sauce

EDAMAME $4.95: steamed soy beans in their pods, topped with sea salt 

KORAT NOODLES $7.95 (can be made vegetarian): vermicelli noodles, stir-fried with shrimp. fried tofu, tomatoes, egg, sprouts, and onion